Monday, December 7, 2009

Dell Comics' Dracula!


Often included in any discussion about the worst comics ever made, Dracula was one of three titles that Dell Comics came out with that they hoped would exploit the success of their movie adaptation comics of monster movies combined with the popularity of superheroes! So, they took the Frankenstein Monster, the Wolf Man (renamed Werewolf) and Dracula, and turned them into superheroes!

They are just as awful as you could imagine... but if you find a copy of one of them cheap, it's kind of worth buying just to see how bad professionally-made comics can get!


  1. Yeah, that is a like a whole 'nother level of BAD.

    What is up with the costume, too? He Dracula or some color-blind cat man?

  2. What's up is that Dell really had no business doing superhero comics, methinks!