Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doctor Strange #60!


It was the beginning of the end -- or was it just the end? -- for Dracula in Marvel Comics. Someone (probably editor-in-chief at the time Jim Shooter) decided that, since they'd already cancelled "Tomb of Dracula," there was no reason to keep vampires around in the pages of Marvel comics at all... and so it was that in the pages of Doctor Strange (the Master of the Mystic Arts, and Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe) would discover a spell that would forever destroy all vampires on Earth.

This, of course, put him once again into conflict with the Lord of the Undead, the Prince of Darkness.

The women on either side of Doctor Strange are the Scarlet Witch (not really a witch, she's a mutant character who got her start in the X-Men comic book as a villain) and Captain Marvel (Marvel's second character by that name, and at least the fourth by that name in comics at that point).

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